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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back on the bucking horse~~

Its been just over 2 months since my last post, my excuse A, been lazy B, been busy or C, combination of both. *locks in option C*

I wish I could simply say "oh wow, Ive totally just been playing this awesome game which has taken up all my spare time" but the truth be told, ive spent little to none of my spare time even on games! I guess its a combination of things which have taken up all my spare time (work/traveling/renovations/other interests)

My main problem I have is the question I keep asking myself "I have crap all free time, what would be the best "bang for my buck" way of spending it". Problem with that way of thinking, is well...I spend to much of my time just thinking of all the possibility's, and crap all time pursuing any of them.

Its the whole "spreading the butter too thin over the toast" to the point where you can barely taste it :D. There are so many areas I want/need to improve in that I tend to spend so little time in each area, I might aswell not have bothered.

Anyways, enough late night blabbering. I did have a little play around tonight, just 30-45mins in zbrush from a cube. Good luck figuring out what he/it is, cuz I havent a clue :P

(p.s. I have a sneaky feeling I'll become more active from here on out, XD)