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Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Motive

I thought I would post to say why this blog came about, and what I hope to achieve by having said blog in place.

Its true that a blog is the quickest/easiest way of creating some sort of personal web page. So you could assume I'm just to lazy to put any effort into creating a web site :P but really, a blog is a great way of seeing some sort of progression. If your posting work at some sort of decent pace, then looking a year back you should quickly see how much you have improved (I would hope so >.>;)

So I'm going to use my blog as a tool, to look back at where I once walked, so I know where my next step should be (I don't even know if that made any sense, but it sounded cool in my head :P).

So why the title "Think it Do it Post it"? well, broken down thats what I need to do more of :D. Currently I do ALOT of thinking, very little Doing and well, Posting was non existent until this blog came to be :D. I'm hoping to change that, and delegate my time more evenly between the 3.

I hope by doing just that, I will improve in the areas that I feel, need more improvement. By “Doing” I am practicing, gain experience and knowledge and hopefully producing some decent work (hey I'm a hopeful dude). By “Posting: my work for others to see if they so feel like it, then I'm improving my network of friends and become more active within the community(again,ever so hopeful).

So, how does “Thinking” improve when I will technically be spending less time doing said thing? Well if less time is available for an activity then you usually a, speed up b, find a more efficient way c, cut corners or d, all of the above (they are all kinda linked anyway >.>).

That's the plan, It sounds all good in my head, but we will have to see how it works in practice.

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